In order to provide volunteers with as much information as possible, we have set up a support system.

Before you arrive at NAYO
If you have any questions or worries before you leave, then you can either email George or any of the NAYO team with your question and we will of course give you any help you need.

Alternatively, we have a network of volunteers, mainly based in the UK, who comprise NAYO International. Should you want to contact a past volunteer, or have any questions, then please feel free to email them on Visit their Facebook page too for more informationĀ or follow them on Twitter at

We will endeavour to answer any questions as quickly as possible!

When you arrive
Upon arrival, we will arrange for one of our staff to come and pick you up from Blantyre. You will then be left to unpack, relax and settle in. The next day is the first day of your Orientation Week. During this week you can visit the projects, meet all of the team and put any of your worries to rest.

We have a policy of complete honesty and openness and throughout your time with us we urge you to address any questions, complaints or worries to one of our staff. We are always happy to help!

Medical issues
We urge you to have both travel insurance and medical insurance when you arrive. Malawi has very high incidence of Malaria, and so we urge you to take anti-malarials. Please contact your local doctor about this. We also urge you to get any vaccinations recommended by travel experts, including yellow fever if you plan on travelling outside Malawi. Blood transfusions are not safe in Malawi, and so we urge you to have an insurance plan that can fly you to South Africa (or other country) in case of major accidents. In addition, we can organize transport to hospitals if necessary, and we know which hospitals to go to in case of an emergency. You will be briefed on this upon arrival.