NAYO greatly appreciates having skilled volunteers come to work with us. We think it is invaluable to share skills and cultures and we hope you have a wonderful experience with us. As with any volunteer-based organisation, in order for us to cover our costs of having volunteers we need to charge a small fee. This fee includes airport transfers (from Blantyre), basic village accommodation, project planning, and support as well as a contribution to the project. Any additional funds you are able to raise for NAYO will always be greatly appreciated.

The prices are based on per person rates:
1 week          £ 149
1 month        £ 300
3 months      £ 800

Longer stay: prices to be discussed and a discounted rate can be offered
Prices for groups are also to be discussed and a discounted rate can be offered

What you are paying for yourself: (though we can help organize this upon request)
• Flights
• Medical and travel insurance
• Visas (if staying for more than one month you will be expected to renew your visa)
• Communication (cell phone, post and a small fee for internet, which you can use in the office)
• Food – you will be expected to cook for yourself, unless you opt to have meals with your host family, when we will ask for a small contribution so that their costs are covered.
• Additional travel around Malawi

NAYO are trying hard to be unique in that we charge the least possible amount for people coming to volunteer with us. This is in contrast to many volunteer organisations, who actually make profits from volunteers. Here at NAYO we disagree with this. We think volunteering should be accessible to anyone and costs should be kept as minimal as possible, to encourage volunteering and a culture of selflessness. Making money from volunteers is wrong, and we are proud to be totally transparent with all of our costs. Should you wish, you can view all of our financial records and cost breakdowns, simply send us an email.