Accommodation is already included in the volunteer price!

Accommodation will differ depending on the number of volunteers in your group.

Individual Volunteers
As an individual, you will be placed in a host family. Alternatively you may choose to stay in a local lodge, but we think that staying with a family is ‘part of the experience’.

A room in a host family costs 30,000 MK per month, approximately £30. You may choose to share meals with the family in which case a weekly fee will be charged, to be discussed with your host family upon arrival. The prices of staying in a lodge differ greatly depending on your preferences. Should you chose to stay at a lodge we will contact you with different possibilities.

Groups will rent a house monthly. Renting a house for 6-8 people costs around 110,000MK (approx. £110) monthly, depending on the owner. You will be renting a house from a family; therefore a deposit will be requested upon arrival, which will then be returned when you leave.


Living with a host family is a wonderful cultural experience, as you are able to take part in family activities. Many people are reluctant to stay with a family, for fear of intruding, or lack of privacy. But the Malawian culture is one of family and respect.

You can expect to have your own room with clean linen and a mosquito net. There will be electricity and running water, both accounted for in all accommodation prices

You will be living within walking distance of all your working places. You will be able to lock the house as well as your individual rooms, and there will be a guard at night.


“At first, it was a bit awkward, but now I don’t know what we would do without our family.” – Emma Imbert, volunteer from Sep. 2011 to Aug. 2012. “I have a room to which the door is closed at all times for privacy. I spend my evening discussing culture, politics and travels with my host family in the sitting room.”