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NAYO is in need of institutional support to ensure it can keep its doors open – institutional funding helps us run our office, purchase supplies, and provide compensation to our staff. Without this support, project management is impossible.

We are also looking for financial, technical, or material support for the projects detailed on our Programmes page.

NAYO also has many ideas for projects which require funding. If any of these projects interest you, contact us or leave us a comment. Remember every little bit counts and every word of encouragement lifts our hearts!

Vocational Skills Centre: NAYO is looking for financial, technical, or material support for this new programme which will empower young people to be self reliant and create self employment.

Youth Programmes: NAYO wants to establish a music studio for young people to learn and record music. We want to create a space where young people can come, be creative and share ideas and discuss issues facing themselves and their community.

Construction of Clinic in Chimuwanga: NAYO is planning on building a clinic that would provide services such as under-five clinic, ART, palliative care in Chimuwanga. Currently these services are sharing a building with a church that often disrupts these necessary services.

Contact George Nedi, Projects Coordinator, at +265999762724 or or  for more information on these projects and to discuss how you or your organization can best collaborate with NAYO.

Our team is well-equipped to manage donor funds, as it has effectively managed and reported on support from many donors such as the the Malawi Network AIDS Service Organisation, Blantyre City Council and the World University Service of Canada. We can provide reference letters from our donors upon request. In addition, we can provide you with all financial records of the charity should you require them.

NAYO also gladly welcomes local volunteers and volunteers from overseas during holidays or throughout the year. NAYO feels that partnerships are the key to successful outcomes. NAYO is the central organization of a network of 16 villages, and this network is enlarged and enhanced by our partners and volunteers. For more information on volunteering with us, visit our volunteers page.

“Working with volunteers is a unique experience, as it creates a world-wide network for our community” – George Nedi, our projects coordinator

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a disadvantaged child giving you a broad smile” – Lisa and Emma, volunteers from Holland and France

“The Nancholi community is truly proof that Malawi is the warm heart of Africa” – Alex, volunteer from BVDA

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