The Thandizo Programme consists of different projects:

(Thandizo means ‘help’ in Chichewa)

School Yanga (My School) – a school sponsorship initiative aiding orphans and vulnerable children who are otherwise unable to pay for their education

Clothes Distribution – the sharing of second hand clothes between international donors and orphans and vulnerable children

Female Empowerment through income generating activities such as the tailoring and selling of small Thandizo bags and clothing for women.

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How much does a sponsorship cost?
We categorize our sponsorship program to meet specific needs of the children, as well as the sponsor’s pocket.The amount is determined by the type of sponsor (Malawi Kwacha and GBP Pound) you choose to become.

  • Malawi Sponsor: (MK 33, 000/ year) – Your support will be used to provide fees, notebooks, uniform, school shoes.
  • Pound Sponsor: (£ 50 / year) – Your support will be used to provide fees, notebooks, uniform, school shoes.
How much of my sponsorship money reaches the child?
Over 90 percent of your term sponsorship money goes directly to support your child. The majority of Nancholi Youth Organisation operating costs is funded separately through volunteer programme and other sources.
How do I pay?
You may make the sponsorship payment quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Upon receiving your donation, we usually send an official acknowledgement receipt for every contribution made.
How do I communicate with my child?
The cheapest and effective way of communicating with your child is by mailing letters to each other. Most of our children live in the very rural with no access to internet. You can exchange letters, pictures, drawings etc on regular basis, and NAYO staff will assist your child in responding to your letters. Sponsors do use the address at the bottom of this page because many families do not have postal address, and the letters are hand-delivered by our staff.
What do I get from Nancholi Youth Organisation?
Sponsors regularly receive updates on the progress of their children, as well as photos and personalized letters for the duration of their sponsorship.  You will have an opportunity to rescue a child, raise a leader and rebuild a nation, as well as developing a relationship with your sponsored child. Also, you will receive an acknowledgement note or official receipt for every donation you send.
Can I send material gifts to my child?
Not at all! While it may seem like a good idea with the best of heart-felt intentions, sending material gifts not only get lost on the way here, but attract huge taxes & duties that sometimes exceed the cost of the gift. Besides your regular sponsorship contribution, you may send monetary gifts to your sponsored child to commemorate special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, performance merit etc so they can purchase a specific gift locally.
How are children chosen for Nancholi Youth Organisation sponsorship?
NAYO always has children waiting for sponsorship that have been referred to us by the local community, churches and government leaders. NAYO give priority to children in greatest need, or sponsors can choose a child with preference to age, gender or background.
Can I visit my sponsored child?
Yes. We encourage you to visit your child, an experience that will certainly be life changing for you and your sponsored child! We offer short-term volunteer programs which would allow you to visit and spend time with your sponsored child, for more information please check on the site “volunteer” page.
How do I know if my sponsorship money is being used as intended?
All our dealings are conducted with lot of transparency, honesty and accountability. We have a “supply and distribution” form that we use to deliver goods and services to our sponsored children. Each time a child collects an item or receives any form of service such as healthcare that requires money, the child or his/her guardian has to put a signature. This form clearly states the sponsorship goals and what NAYO hope to offer entire year of engagement and a copy is mailed to sponsors at the beginning of the year and another copy at the end of the year indicating the achievements. Also, our financial books are always open and the auditor is welcome at anytime.
What if I do not send my sponsorship money in time?
We do encourage sponsors to send their sponsorship money on time. Also, we encourage them to notify us should they anticipate delay in sending their sponsorship. Failure in making sponsorship payment for more than two consecutive terms may result in looking for a new sponsor for your child.
How long does a child sponsorship last?
The length of time that a sponsorship lasts remains at sponsor’s will. Typically, we assume that the sponsorship continues until the child becomes self-sustaining. We hope that sponsors will commit for at least one to four years.
What if I need to discontinue my child sponsorship?
You can discontinue your Child Sponsorship at any time by notifying us via email or phone. Once we are notified, we begin the process of finding a new sponsor so that the child’s support can continue. The more lead time we receive on the discontinuation, the easier it will be to find a new sponsor and continue support without interruption. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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