Nutrition Support

Taking antiretroviral drugs (Avert HIV/AIDS) on an empty stomach is like taking razor blades. Poor diet can speed HIV infection progress and for those already receiving treatment, side effects such as body fat changes are a daily concern. Having realized that HIV and nutrition are intimately linked, and that HIV infection can lead to malnutrition, the SSD III project will scale up its nutrition food distribution to people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) from 105 to 165 beneficiaries. Beneficiaries of the nutrition food supplement will be particularly those that are below the threshold of <18.5 Kg/m2.

On monthly basis, the project procure and distribute to the 165 beneficiaries:

700 kgs of Porridge, 280 kgs of Ground Nuts, 280 kgs of Beans, 280 kgs of Sugar, 280 L of Cooking Oil

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Nutrition and Food Preparation Management Training

HIV and AIDS are well known for causing severe weight loss known as ‘wasting’. It is also known that weight loss strongly predicts illness or death among PLWHA. More recently it has been found that this applies even to people taking antiretroviral treatment. The project therefore mobilized 50 PLWHA and provided them with the skills and knowledge in nutrition and food preparation management so that they are able to supplement their diets with the correct nutrition.

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