There are two schemes within the Early Childhood Development:


NAYO has 3 Community-Based Childcare Centres (CBCCs) in Malawi which assist and care for young children (0-5 years), particularly those children who are vulnerable, orphans and those affected by HIV/AIDS. These CBCCs provide essential learning and early childhood development before children graduate to Government primary schools. NAYO have been in working in community children based care for five years and the CBCCs are built with financial assistance from partners such as Edinburgh Global Partnerships and Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad. The CBCCs are located in rural Blantyre and there are 266 children who benefit from the services offered by the CBCCs.

The main objectives of the CBCCs are

1. To teach basic education and social skills to children before going to primary schools.

2. To provide nutritional food to young children.

3. To take care of young children and give parents the chance to work and earn an income.

Future/way forward

NAYO continue to look for more funding to create new CBCCs in different communities. We also are looking to train the CBCC teachers in areas such as child rights, how to look after children and general education.

Most importantly though is the introduction of a food supplement feeding scheme. NAYO are looking for funding to provide essential nutrition to the children who come to the CBCCs, many of whom are undernourished. By providing children with two meals a day, we can guarantee that their health and development will not be affected by malnourishment.

£2 will feed one child for one day. Please contact us if you want to support this programme and donate to supply nutritious meals to under-5 year olds.

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The under five clinic was built in response to high infant and maternal mortality rates in communities in Malawi. Children below the age of five years and pregnant mothers receive services such as antenatal, screening, vaccinations, growth monitoring among other activities related to children. NAYO have been in working in this community for seven years and the Nchokera Under Five Clinic has been built with financial assistance from Student Volunteer Abroad.

Objective of the program

To empower the community socially through provision of clinical/social services.

To improve health status among men, women and children.

To shorten the distance required in order to receive medical attention and medication

Future plans

NAYO plans to upgrade the clinic to health-centre for people to access other services. Also, there are plans to create accommodation for doctors and nurses who work at the clinic. This will ensure that a doctor or nurse will be at the clinic full-time in case of emergencies.