About NAYO


NAYO’s 175 volunteers work in 16 villages in the Nancholi area to implement activities related to HIV/ AIDS, human rights, environmental protection, and youth activities.

History of NAYO

Nancholi is a small rural district nestled in the hills surrounding the city of Blantyre, the second largest city in Malawi. Nancholi is bursting with bustling markets, local schools, and church choirs singing; the rejoicing spirit of the local people is infectious. But dig below the surface and you will find the evidence of the problems challenging this community. Health care, education and gender equality are huge issues throughout Malawi, particularly in rural areas such as Nancholi.

Having experienced these challenges in their own lives, in 2004 four local youths formed Nancholi Youth Organisation (NAYO), a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) whose mission was to help those suffering from HIV/AIDS by providing social, nutritional and educational support. 14 years on and NAYO’s mission, values and outreach have only grown, thanks to the dedication of their committed staff members, who work alongside overseas short-term volunteers from across the globe. No two days at the office are the same: from youth groups to sports training, to health care clinics to gender empowerment workshops, NAYO’s numerous projects continue to work towards fulfilling the needs of the surrounding community.

Our Objectives

  • To promote full and equal societal participation among youths
  • To build life skills among youths
  • To educate youths and the community in the areas of HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, human rights, food security, gender and environmental protection
  • To fight discrimination against those infected with HIV/AIDS, orphans, elderly people and chronically ill patients
  • To educate and assist young people who are in danger of becoming, or are already addicted to illegal drugs, alcohol or other addictive substances

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Our Team

Our management structure consists of a Board of Trustees, Executive Director, Projects Coordinator, Finance Officer, Administration Officer, Information and Communications Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, four Project Officers and up to 175 volunteers!

Our Partners 

NAYO works in collabration with many partners around Malawi and the globe, including Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organizations (MANASO), Prestige Cleaning, Scottish-African AIDS Group, World University Service of Canada, National AIDS Commission, Zingwangwa Health Centre, Rejoice Christian Ministries, Citizen Network for Foreign Affairs, Responsible Safari Company, Journalists for Human Rights, Malawi Institute of Journalism, Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad (BVDA), Students for Kids International Projects (SKIP) from Glasgow University.