Nutrition Support


On Saturday NAYO had their monthly nutrition support for those 105 clients suffering from HIV – 96 of these clients were able to come, the other 9 had too far to walk but the food is still at NAYO for them to collect when they can. NAYO’s field workers distributed 2kg sugar, 2 litres of cooking oil, 2kg dried Nyemba beans (kidney beans), 50kg maize, 2kg ground nuts (peanuts) per person. This amount of food will not be able to last them for a whole month as they will be feeding their families too but it will help. NAYO provides nutrition support alongside antiretroviral drugs as, due to their strength, they need to be taken with food.

NAYO is committed to giving their community support to help them become self sufficient. However with the flood crisis at the beginning of 2015 causing mass crop damage now resulting in rising food prices, many in Nancholi are now even more dependent on aid, particularly the vulnerable living with HIV. NAYO’s nutrition support is not a long term answer but it can at least give those with HIV the drugs and limited food to get healthy and stronger. If you would like to donate please contact (we are currently setting up a Virgin Money Giving page to ensure an easy and quick way to donate, this will be ready soon.)


Everyone sits patiently while the food is divided up.


Peter and Joshua measure out the oil


Ground nuts are an important source of fat and protein. They are ground and used with vegetables to make a relish


Chisomo hands out the food packages


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